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Consignment Sales

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Seibertron main products are oil and gas safety gloves, tactical gears, outdoor gloves, and outdoor clothes. Shenyang Seibertron E-Commerce Co., Ltd has and always will be to create and manufacture comfortable, functional outdoor gears. In order to meet the global needs of our customers, we are looking for consignees to distribute our products on our behalf in the world. 


There are few advantages for you to join our consignment sales.


1. Save cost for inventory

There is no need for you to stock any inventory in your store or warehouse. We are responsible for cargo's shipping. In other word, you don't have to pay us anything until gloves are sold, which always improves the cash flow on your side.

2. Convenience and Flexibility

Working with us as a consignee, you can have  maximum fexibility on working hours and locations. 

3. High commision rate

We are offering a high commision rate for our consignees on selling our products. 

4. Easy to start

There is no barrier before you start your business. Our products are most commonly used in daily life. Everyone you access is your potential customer. 

For more details, feel free to contact us with our email address:

We sincerely look forward to have you in our team and create a success together in the near future.