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Seibertron HIGH-VIS WPC5 Level 5 Cut Resistant Deckhand Gloves High Protection Impact Resistant Waterproof Windproof Oilproof Oil and Gas Safety Gloves

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Best uses

Rigging, Oil and Gas Drilling, Extraction and Refining, Fracking, Tool Pushing, Mining, Demolition, Heavy Construction

1. Reflective tape on the wrist and high visible color provide high visibility and safety in day and night working.

2. 3D TPR rubber design provide up to 90% protective area on back of hand to maximize anti-impact ability from the external kinetic energy

3. Dual Kevlar threads (cut resistant) stitching provides better abrasion resistant ability and long using life than normal Nylon threads

4. Palm is using special textured fabric with anti-slip and abrasion resistant features to provide water and oil resistant ability (sewing stitching needles excluded) and level 4 abrasion resistant ability (the top abrasion resistnat level in CE standard).This fabric also provides better operation control ability when contacting oily and wet surface.

5. Reinforcement significantly increase gloves service life at vulnerable part between thumb and index finger.
6. Cut resistant material as one layer inside palm makes gloves meet CE EN388 level 5 and ANSI level 4 cut resistant ability.

7. Hipora glove insert and thermal material insert provides waterproof, windproof and best breathability to keep hands warm and dry in cold condition.

8. Cuff puller on the wrist helps gloves wearing in proper position faster. Hollow gap at lower cuff puller is used for gloves clip hanging to prevent hand injuries happen caused by gloves losing.



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