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Seibertron Hydration Bladder 2 Liter Water Reservoir Water Bladder Hydration Pack Bladder

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Seibertron military professional hydration water bladder lets you think safe with 100% odorless and tasteless. The professional military water Bladder Bag is made from high quality non-toxic transparent TPU Material, safe to use. Strong hydrolysis resistance, antimicrobial properties, high strength, durable & reusable water bag provides long lasting, economic and eco-friendly use.


Clean the bag with salted water(about 30-40 degree Celsius) for an hour before filling with water. Salt concentration should be controlled within 7%. 

Hydration badder cannot hold any berverage, milk, alcohol and etc. 

Make sure it is completely dry, inside and outside, before storing. 

Avoid contact with exteme heat/cold, harsh chemicals, UV light and sharp objects, these elements will damage the reservoir. 

Can withstand the water temperature range : -20 to 50 degree Celsius.

BPA-Free: TPU material does not impart any odor and taste to fluids. Food grade anti-bacterial TPU materials is pressure-tolerant and wear-proof.

BIG OPENING-EASY TO CLEAN: Inner surfaces easily accessible for easy cleaning and drying.

SOFT MOUTHPICEC: High-flow bite valve with dust cover, mouth piece (made from high quality food grade soft silicone) manufactured with leak proof sealing technology.

INSULATED TUBE: Premium quality neoprene tube cover resists temperature changes in hot and cold weathers.

THERMAL TAPE: Medical rubber binding at each end prevents tube insulation from sliding or wearing off with time.


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